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What about safety?
Safety is our number one priority. You will receive full instructions from a qualified instructor. Whether you're a complete novice with no equipment or an experienced shot the same rules apply. Please remember that Alcohol must not be consumed before or during shooting.

Do I need a licence?
No. We are covered by Section 11(6) Firearms act 1968…..which permits the use of shotguns by non certificate holders.

Do I need Training?
If on a Private lesson or organised party all the training needed will be given to you before and during shooting by one of our qualified instructors…..leaving you to enjoy yourself and break some clays!

Do I need any special clothing?
No. We supply all necessary protective clothing such as Ear Defenders, Safety Glasses and a Shooting Vest as part of your package….all we recommend is you wear sturdy footwear and dress according to the weather as all shooting takes place outdoors.

Will the recoil of the gun hurt me?
No. We use a wide variety of shotguns depending on the client…and we only use the markets best high performance low recoil cartridges, ensuring smooth recoil on every shot.

What are these ‘traps’ I keep hearing about?
Traps=Clay Target Launchers…are what we use to propel the clay disc through the air (or in a Rabbits case, along the ground)…..we use only the best available on the market, which can throw targets up to 130meters at speeds of 5-70mph, all of which have large capacity magazines…ensuring a trouble free days shooting.

What type of shooting can I expect?
ESP=English Sporting     ABT=Automatic Ball Trap (a trap which constantly moves up+down and left+right)     FITASC-A more difficult version of ESP     COMPAK-A sequence of 25 targets from 5 traps.
FLUSH-A group rapid fire event, using several traps     HIGH TOWER-Used to propel targets very high up

A wide variety of shooting opportunities exist at Kelbrook, depending upon the clients request……we have close to 50 fully automatic Clay Target Launchers, over a variety of 30 stands (shooting positions), which include 10m incoming novice targets to edge on 70m screaming battues!! Simulated Bolting Rabbits and driven Pheasant targets are also available. High towers, Platforms and Flush stands are also available.

Can I bring my friends to watch?
Yes…clay pigeon shooting is a great spectator sport…and then having watched they may want to try it for themselves.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes…although if not a fully trained gun dog, we must insist you keep him/her on a lead at all times.

Can I get refreshments?
Yes. Tea, Coffee, Soft drinks and biscuits are available to all guests and shooters.  We can also arrange for your party to have breakfast, lunch or an evening meal at a restaurant/pub close by.

Is it expensive?
No, for £40 per person you can experience a half days shooting with highly experienced staff and all the equipment supplied.

What are your Opening Times?

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If you need more information about our facilities, corporate events or indeed anything else, please contact us by phone on 01282 861632 . We look forward to meeting you at the shooting lodge.


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