Kelbrook Shooting school

Fully Automatic Sporting
Fully Automatic Sporting, FITASC, Compak,Sportrap,ABT and High Tower layouts.

Shooter Solo Delay
Shooter Solo Delay available on all traps featuring the latest computerised technology.

Quality Selection of Guns
A quality choice of guns both new and secondhand. Varied selection of cartriges and shooting supplies.
General Shooting

General Shooting

Whether a member at Kelbrook Shooting School or not you are more than welcome to use our facilities.

We have on offer one of the best English Sporting facilities in the North of England.

50 fully automatic traps, all with ‘shooter solo delay’ (as a option) are divided over a scenic 70 acre layout, the ground includes lakes, flight ponds, moor-land, forest and rhododendron cover which can accommodate up to 34 Sporting stands.  All the paths are laid to gravel meaning the modest of footwear may be worn on the wettest of days!
Stands include-hides, lowered platforms & raised platforms & 9 towers ranging from 12ft-80ft provide quality targets.

Shooting Available

50 Sporting--an easy course designed to test beginners and novices.
50 Sporting--a challenging course designed to test the club level shooter to the expert!
100 Sporting--a combination of the above courses.
Design your own course-Struggling with that particular target? Then you may shoot as many on one stand as you like.

The above layouts change on a monthly basis and each have a prize for the highest score at the end of the month.

4*25 Bird Compak Layouts (2 blue & 2 red)--these may be shot during the week as practice…..from 12noon till 5pm on Saturday these turn into prize pot pool layouts….why not come along and have a go a winning some money?

ABT (Automatic Ball Trap)--Solo acoustic device available if using ABT by yourself, trap capable of throwing targets from 40m-85m.

High Tower--80ft complete with 3 traps (2 normal & 1 midi) capable of throwing 110ft+ driven targets…please ring for availability.

The following costs apply:
50 Sporting
100 Sporting
25 Compak Comp.
50 Super Sporting Comp.
25 FITASC Comp.
25 Cartridges (from)
Ear protection (loan)
Gun Loan (Certificate required)
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